Walker Co. group sues county, chicken producer over rumored new slaughterhouse


A non-profit preservation group is suing Walker County and a chicken production company over rumors that they are discussing building a chicken slaughterhouse.

The McLemore Cove Preservation Society claims a Pilgrim's Pride chicken slaughterhouse would ruin a scenic area, and result in "unbearable odors, noise, increased traffic patterns, pollution, diminished aesthetics, and diminished property values for nearby landowners."

The lawsuit also claims that all negotiations between the county and Pilgrim's Pride have gone on behind closed doors and without public input.

Walker County sole commissioner Shannon Whitfield issued a video responseto the lawsuit Thursday, saying the group is "working off rumors, not facts."

"When a business is interested in our community," says Whitfield, "they require us to sign a non-disclosure agreement early on in the development process. This gives the company time to investigate our community without tipping off their competition."

"The folks suing all of us are doing so with full awareness that we are in a financial distress, and will be forced to use your tax dollars to defend this type of petty, theatrical nonsense."

You can watch Commissioner Whitfield's full video response below:

You can read the McLemore Cove Preservation Society's full lawsuit below (Reading this on our mobile app? Tap here to open an external browser to read the full lawsuit):

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