Possible Chicken Processing Plant in Kensington

A chicken-processing plant could become Walker County’s next big employer, according to reports.

WQCH in Lafayette reported this week that one of the nations larges poultry producers is looking to locate a processing plant at the former Barwick Archer Plant and Reichold Chemical property in Kennsington, just west of Lafayette.

Walker County officials are remaining tight-lipped about the prospect, but information indicates that the poultry company already has a large footprint in the region with producers, corporate offices and production plants already located in the tri-state area of Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.

The report also indicates that work is underway to revitalize the old railway track from Chattanooga to Kennsington, which ceased operation when Reichold Chemicals closed.  Admittedly, it would take a large investment to get the railway operational.  The railway is part of the former “TAG” – Tennessee-Alabama-Georgia- railway which is owned by Norfolk Southern.

Currently the property is being leased by Volkswagen to store recalled vehicles awaiting a fix that will allow them to meet federal air quality standards.